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At one of the very lareg Amiga shows in the early 90s (Olympia, maybe)
ICD Flicker Free Video - £5 from the Silica Stand
ICD Turbo 68000 - £10 from the Silica Stand
GVP G-Force 68030/40/4 - *FREE* from the the Silica Stand

From a smaller show, back end of 93
2 x A1200, boxed, unopened - *FREE*

GVP IO Extender - for 120 PD disks - CPU Computor, Chatham

GG2+ busboard - Free, after reviewing for Amiga User international magazine

A significant amount of beer.. free, after decking (punching, for the non-UK readers) Dominic Diamond at the Exhibitors Party, NEC Computer show backend of 1993.

3 x Seagate barracuda UW-SCSI 9gb disk drives. Free. This was 1998 when they cost about £900... also 4 x PentiumPro 200 CPUs, 15/30gb DLT disk drive, and about 1GB of RAM all free. Seem to remember swapping some of the drives for some computer kit, including a 550MHz Pentium III. Hmm, those were dodgy days.

Hmm... desperately wanting my old Video Genie back, 7 years after I sold it, and paying the bloke about £50 more than he originally paid me.

Ah, being refused admission to "Bobby Browns" nightclub after said Exhibitors Party. This wouldnt have been an issue, but the stand opposite us was "Imports 2000", run by a BA steward, whose wife worked for Virgin Airways. She had bought two very attractive fellow stewardesses and I had trapped off with one. :-(
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