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What a superb bargain! Sounds like good karma to me, you do voluntary work you get a nice Saturn

Hmm... been a while since I played Saturn actually...

I really enjoyed all of the Panzer Dragoon games (1, 2 & Saga), but good luck finding Panzer Dragoon Saga for a decent price

Guardian Heroes is also an awesome game! Great side scrolling beat em up. Some of the zoomed graphics look a bit dubious later in the game but it's superb, especially in two player.

I love the Virtua Cop Games (1 and 2), the first one is much better though, I think I played it for at least a year solid (and I was still never as good as that git on Gamesmaster). You'll need a lightgun for these 2.

Baku Baku Animal was great fun. (Think Puyo Pop / Mean Bean Machine).

Saturn Bomberman is THE best version of bomberman ever. IF you have a widescreen TV, 2 multitaps and 10 pads. 10 player bomberman must be awesome, I played 7 player once and that was awesome.

EDIT: Can't believe I missed NIGHTS INTO DREAMS. Awesome, fecking awesome.
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