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I would love to mod my workbench like that! How did you do it??
You mean my WB1.3 with rainbow and dropshadow? You just need two programs named (..coincidentally) "rainbow" and "dropshadow". I can throw them in the zone if you want.

Dropshadow is not recomended for regular use. It has two problems - the dropshadow gui must remain open and the more windows you open, the slower the system gets. Rainbow has no problems and can be run in startup-sequence (as long as you "run >nil:")

Notice that my WB1.3 screen is 660x436 (usable space). This was a strange side-effect of opening WB1.3 prefs with WB3.1, then saving. Normally you can't use overscan in WB1.3 (should be 640x400 for NTSC). Of course, back in 1990 when I had a WB like this, it was only 640x400. (...and I didn't make those folder icons until 1995 after seeing MacOS 7)

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