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With Hombre you can write ADF back to floppies in many ways:

transfer via null-modem directly to disk (no need to store it in RAM) [transwarp, ADF Sender Terminal]

using the parallel ports and a special cable [Paradise]

using PC formatted floppies and ADFs packed with ZOOM or XMASH (no need to split the ADF because these crunchers almost always give you <700kb files) and require little memory. [MultiDos, ZOOM, XMASH, xpk package]

split the adf and using PC formatted floppies write the individual parts with tracktool (with the LOW and HIGH parameters to signal which cylinders are stored in each file) [TrackTool]

again use tracktool to write the adf form a folder in windows using the NET: mount entry (SLOW but works) [DNet, WinUAE, null-modem cable]

I'm still figuring out a way to support gzipped images...probably will end up using a PIPE: or somethin'

Everything is thought out in a way to cut down the number of swaps and as little overhead as possible(most things on the floppy work with 0,5 MB).
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