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Originally Posted by mr_a500

Is your secret project some kind of WB1.3 filemanager? I'd like to try it.
No, it's not a filemanager.

It's not going to stay secret for long once this thread progresses

Well, basically Hombre's a compilation of programs aimed at people who have 1.3 kickstart Amigas (like the A500) and want to linkup to their PCs to exchange data (ADFs). The whole package includes:
NO software copyrighted by Amiga Inc except Disk-Validator, but that's everywhere even on aminet and I think it's freely distributable.

A cool shell with built-in commands and name completion
3 programs for serial transfer
1 program for parallel transfer
Software to access FAT formatted disks

and tons more... including a proggie that enables you to mount a folder in Windows and access it like a normal drive and all this compatible with 1.3 kickstart (see here -> I was speculating then but now I know it's possible and works) . The idea is similar to that of ClassicWB but everything is crammed onto a floppy and runs on low-end Amigas.

I was pretty much fed up with people who go on selling some shitty software compatible only with DOS on E-Bay and decided to put something together that could be hosted on any site and transferred to a floppy and sent by some kind-hearted Amiga user to anyone who's trying to ressurect his/her fine machine -- the A500

All software comes from aminet, fish collection, lsd-legaltools etc. handpicked and configured.
It's not ready yet (still some cleaning up to do) but I'll need someone to test it before its release so PM me after this weekned and I'll send you a copy ADF and to anyone else who's willing to help

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