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Amiga 1.0 A1ooo 68ooo 1 Meg
Amiga 1.2 A5oo 68ooo 1 Meg
Amiga A12oo x 3 68o2o
Amiga A4ooo x 2 68o3o (1 for spares)
Amiga Tower 68o6o 64meg, 4 Gig Hard drive, Catweasel, Pixel 64 GFX card, Twin CD roms (48 Speed/12 Speed)

Tower is for playtesting WHDLoad installs, and playing games, A4ooo desktop is for coding and writing of installs, A5oo is for tricky protection systems or games that just won't operate on either of the other two.

Does that qualify me as an Amiga owner?
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