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Bomberman C-64

This is probably the most look-a-like Dynaster clone for the C-64. Samar relased it some days ago. Sadly there is no multiplayer option, but the quality of the game is amazing.

Edit: Just read this.

User Comment
Submitted by skull on 21 January 2007
Thx for comments!
Multiplayer mode coming soon ...
The game code can use many players (all properties player are indexed - teoretical in game may play even 256 players), but sprite's count is the limit (2 sprites for every player)
Ulitmate, game will be use 5 players : 4x joy (CGA interface is implemented) - 1 keyboard (i'll try to make player's sprites mulitplexer)
Now, i can bidding previous version game called "boombastic benny", it has good multiplayer mode for 3 players!

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