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I get here, retrieve new messages and start working my way down the list of what's been posted over the last couple of days. Fine.

I'm almost halfway down the list and I read this thread. I follow the AmigaRadio link in a new window, test the station out (on my cable connection). Needs javascript. OK, I enable that. Refresh and get popup window, which recommends I change my default settings to T1/DSL, which I click to do. A few seconds later, the stupid script crashes Netscape completely and I have to begin again.

I return here to EAB and click View New Posts. Only one new post shows up. So there's a whole crapload of new messages posted here that I have to miss. It's the only disadvantage I see to this forum to an ezboard forum, and that is clicking that you have finished being caught up in a forum area. Apparently, this sets a cookie that decides you have caught up by the date/time you were last here. Damn! Now I feel I have missed a lot of news...
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