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Emulators for PC:

WinUAE (have no idea what this emulates)
Spectaculator (ZX Spectrum)
WinVice (C64)
DOSBox (hmmm, something's called x86 )
AppleWin (Apple IIe)
BasiliskII (Mac - still having trouble with keyboard - have limited number of games for this computer)
Steem (Atari ST)

Kega Fusion (Sega MS, GG & Genesis/MD)
Gens (Sega CD & Genesis)
FreezeSMS, Mekka (SMS, GG)
FCE Ultra, JNes (NES)
ZSnes (SuperNES)
PJ64 (Nintendo 64)
VisualBoy Advance (GB, CGB, GBA)
pSX (Sony PSX)
Magic Engine (PC Engine)
Stella (Atari 2600)

M.A.M.E. (Old Arcade Games)
FinalBurn Alpha
Raine (taito games)
NeoRageX (NeoGeo)
Tickle (Arcade - old games )

ScummVM (Adventure Games)
M.E.S.S. (Different Systems/Platforms)
VDMSound (Some old DOS games)

Hmm, that's close to everything on the PC. (DC and GBA would have sepparate lists )
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