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Purpose of the 'pure' option and the p (pure) bit

Yes, but it's not essential under a certain condition: if the pure bit is actually set!

Try this:
REMOVE the pure bit of the makedir command to do some experiments with it:

1>protect c:makedir p sub

and now try a

1>resident c:makedir PURE
Pure bit not set

You get the error message, but note that the command is now resident anyway! Look:



Remove the command from the resident list again:

1>resident c:makedir remove

and make it resident again, this time with NEITHER the pure option NOR the pure bit (which we removed above).

1>resident c:makedir
Pure bit not set
Cannot load c:makedir

That's the difference!
The command has NOT been made resident this time because we didn't set the pure option!

now set the PURE bit again:

1>protect c:makedir p add

and do a

1>resident c:makedir

WITHOUT the pure option! It actually works!
See? The 'pure' option IS unneccessary and can be omitted, on condition that the pure bit has been set before. If you didn't set the pure bit, you MUST set the 'pure' option to make the command resident by force! However, you will still get an awkward "error" message like the above one!

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