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DirectoryOpus4 config problem on my A1200

Hello Again
Another problem I am having is with Dopus4
I am trying to inport a config from the AmiKit distribution but I have problems.
If I use the program itself (copied from AmiKit) then the screen ges blank until I press the mouse and then it goes back to WB.
If I use my copy and import the config then it works but the display is wrong. I loose the name of files and directory.
Anyone has any idea if I can fix this. Amikit config has lots of tool and it would be nice to use it

here the screeshot of the problem
Click image for larger version

Name:	opusorig.jpg
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Click image for larger version

Name:	opusamkit.jpg
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ID:	13010

Anyone with the same problem?
If I try to adjust the conffig once loaded going into the Operation and reset what to see then the name comes back but it is short. Only fre letters are displayed

Thanx in advance
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