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Amiga's dieing fast

Amiga's are going down fast these days
I work at a Metal company who proces old metals, this includes gold

As many know, on mother boards is gold, so we also proces those by chopping them up in small bits so the metal can be removed faster.

As i am around the machines alot il see many many boards going.
But evry time i see a migy passing by i pick it out, offen its heavly damaged already.

Last weeks casulty's are 1 A1200 1 A600 2 A4000

I was not able to save the boards, thay are beyond repair anyway.
BUT i was able to save the Roms and some memory from the A4000

I have no idea if thay still work, but thay look ok

I can send them to anyone if wanded for just the cost of shipping.
the A600 rom has to wait as i already have someone for it


The roms are curent located at the netherlands
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