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I always find it funny whenever the issue of cRap music is raised and you get the usual baboon-headed fascists like Ultron pissing their pants to respond with their over-zealous condemnation. They usually have no clue what Rap’s about and really couldn’t care less either. All they know is that it’s the most popular form of music in the world right now and it’s made by Blacks – and THAT’s what really pisses them off! As Viddi pointed out, their true agenda is a combination of both good old fascism & blind racism. Not once did Ultron mention the most important issue here which is the idea of copyright infringement because his only target was Black Rap music and how “untalented these Black people are”.

The fact is that cRap music is a purely commercial venture and if you’re listening to MTV-Rappers like 50cent and Snoopdog expecting to be blown away by their profound artistic merit then you need your fucking head examined Ultron! Rap and the Rap-image is a product engineered by very clever capitalists to generate the largest revenue. That’s all – it’s about money and is pretty meaningless. These days their target audience is mainly middle-class teenage white kids who find the images of violence, misogyny, guns, bling and all that bullshit “cool”. Also, to call Timbaland “talentless” is a complete misnomer. He is actually very talented - in fact he’s the most talented person at producing the shit he produces and, make no mistake, he knows exactly what he’s producing and what to produce to make the most $$$. If you want to learn more you should watch this short movie on the subject: [ Show youtube player ] . Hopefully you can understand what’s being said. (although I have my doubts)

This Ultron-tard also needs to learn to distinguish between Rap and Hip-Hop. They are two totally different genres. Even though rappers like 50cent pretend to be making Hip-Hop, they are not! What they make is 100% mainstream Rap. Real Hip-Hop bares very little resemblance to the shitty MTV-Rap you listen to, Ultron. Hip-Hop is and always has been about rebellious messages, particularly towards our corrupt governments. It's more political and substantial than MTV-Rap. Real Hip-Hop is produced by MCs like Paris and Immortal Technique and is not aired on large corporate networks – for what should be obvious reason of conflicting interests.

The fact that Timbaland has _obviously_ ripped-off Tempest’s original c64 .sid file is not really shocking to me, because his work is not really about creativity. What he’s done is disgusting and if America’s Judicial system wasn’t so disgracefully biased towards the rich, maybe Tempest could afford to get his rightful day in court. Sadly I don’t think he ever will, so Timbaland - like Elvis before him (who ripped-off countless songs by Afro-American artists without credit/payment) - will escape scott-free! Instead of making dumb comments full of hidden agendas, Ultron, do something constructive and write a letter to the American Congress so that the Judicial system can be changed and people are forced to think twice before they rip people's work again.

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