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hmm I bought one about a year ago, stefan told me that his A3000 had bit the dust and gave some pre made key nad told me NOT to share it.

here is the email he was using in 2005

here what he told me back in october 2005:

hi pierre

please let me apologize for the delay in handling your
registration. due to a hardware failure of my good old a3000, i am
unable to create personalized keyfiles at the moment. when i manage to
repair it, you will get one immediately.

until then, please use the keyfile attached to this email. it's David
Gerber's key (co-author of Voyager and AmIRC), he allowed me to use it
for this purpose. please do not spread it, even if it's not your name.
MUI will be unlocked just as it would with your personalized keyfile,
just copy to s: and reboot.

thanks for ordering and thanks for your patience,

Now that I think about it he never did make me my own key file......
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