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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
Anyway, from gaming standpoint, not many dudes gives a rats ass about missing out on the dozen or so PPC only Amiga games released, when they can play Rick Dangerous, Pirates!, Waxworks, Shadow of the Beast, Sensible Soccer, and thousands and thousands of the best games ever.
Well, yeah, and I would openly admit that the PPC only games have no cheap solution. I have nothing at all against the people who use whatever expensive hardware makes them happy, but belittling us (the royal 'us') for using WinUAE because (god forbid) we'd rather not shell out hundreds of pounds on deprecated and unsupported hardware is just stupid. It's almost a hypocrisy since I can do more with WinUAE than one single classic Amiga machine.

Not to mention the fact that WinUAE will live on long after the last of the Amiga hardware has gone 'pop'.

Although I admit there are actually less of these 'zealot-like' purists around here than there was two or three years ago.
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