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Nightshift 2007 Demo Party! 2-4 March 2007 / Istanbul

Hi guys, attention please!

Nightshift 2007 Official Webpage

Welcome to Nightshift 2007, Türkiye's biggest demoscene event. Creative minds work the nightshift where the continents meet : İstanbul. We'll all meet again for more productive and creative purposes. Bunch of people are gathering for the digital arts! Pure programming, designing and composing together. Here is your chance to join the different side of the “real computer” world.

Many activies, workshops, legendary computers like Commodore 64 & Amiga, many new generation devices like Playstation Portable (PSP), GP2X and more... Come and join the fun, meet with new people, see how they work, create and show! New technologies, video animations, video art, photography and more...

Chance to meet with Demoscene Legends, oldskool sceners, new skool sceners. Türkiye's famous demoscene groups/teams, great workshops , seminars & presentations. We've got all you need! Come and enjoy the feeling of being different! Let's live this unforgetable moments together at İstanbul Bilgi University's Student Hall.
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