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Another update for those interested. As you can see by the list below its quite a large one and we have loads more planned too.

v1.03 beta Released 14.01.07
Added - Save points at levels 25, 50 and 75
Added - Version number added to "about" screen
Added - Usermusic folder plus small text file now created on install
Added - Arrows on HOF screens
Added - New icons for text files and internet links
Added - Total levels played counter now counts "other" level types
Added - Replaced some level tile graphics
Added - Some new vocals
Added - PgUp and PgDn now alter sfx volume ingame
Added - END key now mutes all game sound ingame
Added - Endgame hints system
Added - Transparency to tilesets and nice backdrops to levels
Added - New 3 way option for backdrops. Off, Static or Moving
Fixed - Small bug on stars when using zoom mode
Fixed - Score shown when killing a ghost with Laser or Gun
Fixed - Number of digits for level number in hall of fame
Fixed - In team mode the bonus for each ghost when blue is now correct
Fixed - If a level doesn't have fruits or bonuses then those sounds won't play
Fixed - Quitting game with a shield on leaves shield sound playing over titles
Fixed - Zoom text bug (PTK bug found and worked around)
Fixed - Now should stop all sounds on game exit
Fixed - Some texts missing due to it being drawn in the wrong colour
Fixed - Ghosts not flashing from blue to normal colour (hopefully)
Fixed - Mouse placement on first "how to play" screen
Fixed - 1 million bonus at end of level
Fixed - Some people got stuck on the HOF screen
Fixed - Bonus round counter counting down when paused
Fixed - Music now pauses when using escape ingame to pause
Fixed - Screenshot folder now created in game folder and files saved as jpg
Fixed - Dead players got bonus round in team games
Fixed - Data folder was duplicated in install script
Fixed - Level counter disappearing
Fixed - Ghosts cannot go home when blue
Fixed - Ghosts don't leave home if killed in home
Fixed - Properly removed laser from demo and fixed random bonus selection
Fixed - Correct speeds for all players in multiplayer modes
Fixed - Flare colours on green and purple ghosts going home
Fixed - Level 36 in easy and normal modes
Changed - Scoring on bonus rounds adjusted so they are worth playing
Changed - Edited a few tiles, adjusted colours on some
Changed - Some levels adjusted slightly for better layout
Changed - Ability to use usermusic removed from demo
Changed - Max Speedup value, rate of increase and rate of decrease
Changed - Max slowdown value, rate of decrease and rate of increase
Changed - Size of font used for level number
Changed - Order of bonus rounds. Harder ones placed later

v1.04 beta COMING SOON
Added - 10 New secret levels. Can you find them
Added - Profile system !!
Added - And more !!
Fixed - Scoreboard now DOES show the correct level number
Fixed - Fruits missing from level 95

Have fun.
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