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Originally Posted by P-J
The difference here is that some of us like the music, but others are into the lifestyle. Since most of the people this 'producer' has worked with are talentless idiots (well, they're pretty much 'jokes') the lifestyle is all you have.
Like there's ANY album out there that isn't produced today, shit even the "Indie" scene is "Indiefied" to sell more.

I didn't think was that bad until I heard the part where they layer the two songs, the bpm AND melody match exactly. So yea I think it sounds like a ripoff...
The sample otoh could have been taken form one of many sample banks/CD/rigs out there. Timbaland probably thought the sample was cleared, one of the reasons why you sample CDs..

ah.., what am I saying, small artists have always been ripped of, of course they knew.
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