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Don't listen to alexh & Dizzy. There's something called The Real Deal, and they don't know it

J/K, that could be a great solution, haven't tried it myself. I also haven't had any problems with the games I got from and ran on my trusty A500 I do recommend a 1.3/1.2 Kick switch though, if you want to play some of the really old ones like Barbarian.

A simple Asteroids version with attention to detail in gameplay: (as you mentioned PD)

These games because they were immersive/extra fun at the time (also of course Elite, Frontier, Damocles etc)

Ugly but my all-time favorite, since it plays like a dream and is well gamedesigned: <--new adjective

Intergalactic underground caverns to explore!

Datastorm, Shufflepuck Cafe, Rock'n'Roll, Prince of Persia, Sorcerer's Apprentice (a well programmed innovative challenge!), Paradroid 90, Lemmings (ofc), North & South, Simulcra.

These are games from when I had an A500. I'm not very aware of what came from 1992 on, as I was doing other things. Except I know Masterblaster was a lot of fun in multiplayer So others can give better advice on those later games.

Have fun!
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