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Originally posted by Twistin' Ghost
Let's say §ane's FTP was up. And let's say you re-download everything you want from there all over again. What would be the use if your sister is just gonna come home and delete it all again some other time? I suggest you ask Santa for a CD burner.
It doesn't matter if she deletes them again, just as long as I can still download the EAB stuff from the FTP I won't mind.

@Ian: I never said §ane was only good for one thing. I know he's useful for many other things, I'm just saying that I really, really liked his FTP. It was brilliantly setup.
And I seriously doubt any of the AEN FTPs would carry stuff from EAB, various Amiga sites, very rare CD³²/CDTV ISOs, and extra bonuses like Amiga Forever and OS 3.5/3.9 (§ane used to have these OSes several months ago! They were in the "Workbench" folder in the root directory, but the folder disappeared later on for some reason). Basically, §ane's FTP has a big advantage over all the AEN FTPs: he carries extra special stuff. AEN FTPs only carry the basic Amiga game/util/demo disks and a few common CD³² ISOs and that's it. AFAIK they don't carry any original (i.e. uncracked) disks. They don't even have any Workbench disks, for goodness sake!

Oh, and let's not forget, at least §ane's FTP baiscally worked pretty much every time - have we already forgotten the many, many logging/accessing problems with Godflesh's FTPs in the past?
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