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Originally Posted by brian
Thanks for the heads up. Can't wait to give this a try. It says it works on gba flashcards, which is ideal for me because I need to put pinball challenge deluxe on one too so I can save highscores (but that's another story). I spent ages googling last night and the choice is a bit overwhelming at first. Anyone got any recommendations? I'm after cheap and reliable... some of them cost more than a brand new DS!
For LemmingsDS, the only choice is the Supercard. I don't think it works with the M3/G6/etc yet, and definitely doesn't work with "slot 1" cards like the DS-X. The Supercard is hopeless at GBA games, though - it's flash mem is too slow, so GBA games like Mario World and Mario Kart stutter really badly. Mario Kart in particular is unplayably slow.
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