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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
True dream, the UAE core for Mac is decrepit. I tried Hi-Toro and could never get it to work.
As for the SNES emulators, they are probably the best emulators on Mac now.
I remember struggling at first too. You have to specifically tell Hi-Toro where to find - I wrongly assumed you could throw it in the same folder as the GUI and it would pick it up.

Also you need to have SDL installed. The first time I installed this I used an idiot-proof package installer, and got UAE running straightaway. When I needed to install it again on a fresh installation of OS X I found out that SDL had been updated and the new version had to be installed manually via the Terminal. I got it working in the end, but it was very finicky. The documentation on the SDL home page is useless for newbies, which can't be helping the uptake of Amiga emulation on the Mac.

That sounds promising mtb. Thanks for the info.

Originally Posted by P-J
Last time I checked, the Amiga didn't have that feature either
Yes, but my home life has changed a bit since the days where I could indulge in Miggy Marathons. I have to attend to the kids I don't have, get them their tranquilisers in the morning, take them to and from juvenile delinquent classes and so on. Pamper my non-existent wife and wash my uncar every Sunday morning. Busy, busy, busy!
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