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You still can't keep quiet can you?

You still have to have your say.

APfelon is the prick who reported my site to the ISDA and other such groups - simply because he couldn't handle the simple fact that not everyone in the world thinks your fycked-up nation is great.

Your obvious attempts at preempting my reply are childish, and if you had any maturity you would have not replied at all.


I think your problem is that you are annoyed that it was you who introduced me. Maybe you should look before you leap next time.

I said in my first post that I "hadn't ANNOYED anyone yet". It wasn't prophetic, it was fair warning. I am quite happy to upset anyone who behaves in an insular manner, and in the case of "amigans" (sick) it seems it's almost too easy.

Good night, and God bless.

Bite the bullet, Sink or swim, etc etc blah blah blah
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