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Originally Posted by Slayer

likewise I'm sure, the truth is though, the entire board should be reviewed, as I've said many times in the past... either change the name to English Emulation Board (where people can freely express whatever they want regarding any cpu and emulation they want - with my blessing) OR mods/staff begin doing there jobs (as far as I'm concerned) and delete any material anti-Amiga related...

hell, give me the job, I'd love to simply delete any post of this nature not giving it one thought... eventually most people wouldn't bother pouring there energy into a deleted end... not unlike the apparent demise of the Amiga in which they seem to so fondly convey to everyone... it makes me wonder who it is that actually can't let the Amiga go...

I say let the Amiga people enjoy the machine and let those that have moved on actually move on, with the help of enforced moderation...

freedom of speech belongs in an open forum... not an Amiga named forum...

blade you are right, sorry, it was slayer that said what realy kinda make me cross, my bad. Anyway, I'm moving on, thanks of the info and feel free to say what ever you feel about the amiga.... peace.

I sooooo don't agree with you.
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