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Originally Posted by spacedboy50
I have followed word for word the instructions for transfering the twinexpress program from my pc floppy disk onto my Amiga but the Amiga doesnt want to play! Have also tried DOScross and several other utilities but the Amiga still wont recognize the pc floppy disk.

I have been using a SELECT 3.5" 135 TPI DS HD disk and covering the second hole to fool the the floppy drive into thinking its an LD disk without any luck

Has anybody got any suggestions
don't use twinexpress it sucks...from what i remember it does not support long filenames and it's really slow an unstable (i was unable to make it work at high rates) a parrallel null cable and use pc2amiga, the most efficient program of all...
and to transfer your tool from pc 2 amiga through floppy, format any non hd floppy on your amiga workbench pc0: device (to be mounted maybe) - it's 720Kbytes can use hd disks as dd disks on your amiga, but your pc won't recognize them as dd disks so that it will fail at writing/reading..
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