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These shooters were my fave games from when I first got an MSX when i was 4 (now just 21 )
I loved every Nemesis game and still like em now.

My fave is Disposable Hero on the Amiga - having trouble making it work on emu tho so no screenies

It had great gameplay, many weapons - slightly diff where u had choice over what to put on your ship as u went through the game and u had to compromise and stuff
It had music that I would play the game just to hear - especially lvl 3
and best of all it was nice and hard! Well on arcade setting anyway.
Trouble with most of these shooters is they are too easy.. Someone mentioned banshee here which at the time was regarded excellent and hard - I finished it on hardest on my very first go!
time goes on = games get easier
and new shooters are just waaay over the top i think - all special effects and messy
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