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Originally Posted by superBuster
Hmmm where you not suggesting we bow to YOUR idea that this is not realy an amiga forum becasue we mention negative things about the amiga. Don't even try to flip this around on me!
Your one of those people that just jumps on the bandwagon without bothering to actually read what ive been writing!. I didnt say NEGATIVE things couldnt be said about the Amiga, its the lack of respect for other users views on the Amiga that is the problem from a select few.

Be objective as much as you want!!!.. its important that we are!!.. but not when we are referred to as 30 year old virgins, Losers & Fanatics.... We are simply Amiga users, and all we are doing is passing our point of view in a civil way, and there is no need for personal attacks, of which you have become profoundly good at!. Your first post to me was just as every bit cocky as the posts ive been referring too.

I will admit though that im not exactly fond of negativity but only if its in braindead immature ( ive made a couple ) constant and never ending repetitive responses that help no-one, especially when they include making snide remarks about other users.

And whats this dont even try and flip around on me crap!. Mate, your clueless about what im talking about, so forget the flip flop bullshit... If you want to give me a civil response, then lets talk. if not, then leave me alone.

Originally Posted by superBuster
Also where do you get the idea that becasue somebody uses and emulator ther are not realy amiga folk..... I realize however that explaining this to you may be a waist of time.... LOL
Just to you know i;m gonna go home and play with uae on my psp! (the next gen amiga is here!!!) LOL
WTF ???... are you ok??.. I never said that because someone uses an Amiga emulator they are not Amiga folk??. Yes it is true that i prefer to use a real Amiga over an Emulator, but i dont know where you think i made that comment!?.

And even if i did ??? I would have said it jokingly. Please find the post where i said it.. im curious now.

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