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When will §ane re-activate his FTP again?

It's been several months now, and still that horrible no-downloading function he's put on his FTP exists.

This really isn't a good time now because my ignorant sis once more fucked up the computer by deleting, entirely at random, stuff I downloaded and hoped to *keep*. She's deleted a lot (if not all) of the stuff I grabbed from the Zone before, and I don't want to bug the original senders into putting them back up again (like Cody, for instance, who upped the Alfred Chicken original and the rare-to-find Top Cat).

And, from what I remember, §ane had a very useful EAB section in his FTP in which he upped everything everyone uploaded before to there.

I mean, as I've said, it's been several months now and I feel everyone else would be really happy too if his ever-so-useful FTP came back to public use. He's responsible for one of the best FTPs I've ever visited.
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