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So if someone has been to your site and doesn't make a comment, they are sheep. Either we respond or we are 'small people'. Right. Get over yourself! Maybe it's a personality issue, methinks. Or sour grapes again. Or trolling again, who knows.

I don't think APFelon is a shithead at all but I'm not here whining because nobody else here is defending him but me! And while I could be immature and post an image of a steaming pile, I won't because I can't be bothered.

The only sore spot I have is that APFelon (and others) have left this board for obvious reasons.

I hope that simply because I posted my opinion here, that doesn't mean it's going to have to turn into yet another predictable flame war. I guess what it's all down to is whether the token response will strike back hard enough to force me to reply. My Christmas wish? That somebody doesn't reply...
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