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ok i lost floppydrive sound now in WinUAE 1.3.4 after i uninstalled my amd dual core driver and after removing a amd dual core switch in the boot.ini file of windows xp /usepmtimer

tried reinstalling the driver.. but still no sound

i see 1 difference when i compare my working winuaelog.txt and the not working winuaelog.txt

13-640: SOUND: 5100 = (5292 - 192) <-- floppysound working
20-484: SOUND: 5124 = (5292 - 168) <-- floppysound not working

winuae 1.3.3 works fine with floppysound.. i must have triggered something in 1.3.4 so that the floppysound stopped working and i have no idea how i triggered it

anyway i recorded that rocknroll game (loading sound) with winuae 1.3.3 and yeah the drive is rocking all right

i used to play this game at a friends house in the past.. but his dad never let me because he was to afraid his floppydrive would die because of the insane loading sound coming thru that room

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