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Originally Posted by Mick_AKA
I have a serious hardon for the big screen intel iMac, it's awesome!

My previous laptop was (and still is) A black G3 Powerbook, easily the best laptop apple ever made, 4hrs battery, hot swap drive bay, runs 10.3.9 so quickly for a machine of its age.
A close friend had that one and sold it for a iBook (The clamshell one) and regretted it. That laptop rocks. Sleek and large and wonderful.
I was looking at a guy at CompUSA here show gawking people (including myself) running Vista Pro and OSX Tiger in BootCamp and Parallels, and I was amazed, how rapid and blazing both OS's were, and how beautiful they looked on a 20" iMac.
Ok Vista is no Tiger, but it is a lot better looking than XP.
Anyway Mick, the iMac i want is $2000, so i am saving 1% ($20) a day by cutting back on luxuries here and there. By the early spring that iMac shall be mine
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