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Originally Posted by superBuster
And Who the hell are you? I suggest you move to saudi arabia where somebody will tell you what to belive.
Do you have a job or girlfriend/life partner? You must be really out of touch with reality as the amiga has been defacto adandoned for almost 10 years! (don't kill yourself)
Where the hell did you pick that up from ??. If anyone is frustrated here it seems to be you. Yes i do have a job, and yes im doing more than just my job through part time study in natural medicine. Ummm.. and yes i do have a partner, she is Korean and i may be marrying her next year after i fly to Korea and meet her family.

Originally Posted by superBuster
I honestly feel sory for you! If you want we can save up some money so youcan get some phyological help.
I say if you wanted to leave EAB, do so.

This is EAB, not
-life under a rock
-delusion and madness

Here I have found the coolest amiga fans, that also have a life! EAB rocks as it is!

I was just kidding around! Opera is way cool.
Ok Ok, well lets all bow to the holy grail of your infinite wisdom.

You finished now?. Good.... next smartarse ?

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