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Of course. But remember that emulating an Amiga doesn't nescesarily have to be for the purpose of doing something illegal Djay.

I understand what you mean about it being a little stupid to emulate when you have a real one. But take me for example. I have an A500 which for a good while didn't work because I had no way to connect it to a TV. I still had the original Kickstart rom, but could I use it? NO not without an emulator.

Then take memory. I have an A1200 with a harddisk though but still no memory upgrade. Emulating more memory would be beneficial as would emulating a larger harddrive. Plus with emulation you can easily alternate between different tasks.

These two are just examples of ways to use an emulation. I'm not saying I don't have any pirated software. I do have. Actually the kickstarts I have I downloaded illegally from the net and afterwards went to buy the real things.
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