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I'm not voting !!! Too many to choose from (including loads not on the list).

But how would you judge the best group ?

1 - The Best Releases (in terms of good games)

2 - The Quickest Releases

3 - The Best Intros (for those who like 'em)

4 - The Easiest-to-Skip Intros/No Intros (for those who hate 'em!)

5 - Best Music

6 - Best Crack (?) Don't understand that - a crack works or it don't!

7 - Coolest Name

The list could go on and on and on.

I say they were all great and they were all bad too.

Bad because if there had been no cracks they'd have been no copying - maybe the Amiga would be a round today if they'd have been no piracy ?

Good because as the Amiga is no longer produced, you cannot get the games, the disks are wearing out etc... - but as they've cracked all these games we can ADF 'em !

Double-edged sword....chicken egg....... !

Too much confusion, no voting from me !
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