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And Who the hell are you? I suggest you move to saudi arabia where somebody will tell you what to belive.
Do you have a job or girlfriend/life partner? You must be really out of touch with reality as the amiga has been defacto adandoned for almost 10 years! (don't kill yourself)
I honestly feel sory for you! If you want we can save up some money so youcan get some phyological help.
I say if you wanted to leave EAB, do so.

This is EAB, not
-life under a rock
-delusion and madness

Here I have found the coolest amiga fans, that also have a life! EAB rocks as it is!

I was just kidding around! Opera is way cool.

AND MOST IMPORTANT --------> Fred is the coolist part of EAB!, don't you know who fred is?

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