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Originally Posted by P-J
Far be it from me to make this point (since I barely know you) but aren't you just torturing yourself? I thought you'd 'left this board'?
Wether i said i was leaving this board or not has no relevance to what is being said. I spoke to some people privately about my stance on EAB, the rest is history.

Originally Posted by P-J
You need to understand that some people, from time to time, need correcting. I get tired about how people on this board evangelise about Amiga OS4.0 and tell us how it's so much better that Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux, and other 'mainstream' OSes that are in use.
I understand completely where you are coming from, but its not the correcting im concerned about, its the way its being done, and the amount of times people are being bad mouthed by individuals that clearly have no respect for others on here.

Originally Posted by P-J
How it's going to take over the world in a day and often point us out as being inferior for not using it and loving it. We're also probably a little miffed at the fact that what is left of 'Amiga fans' pour money into projects that take the Amiga nowhere. Shit companies with shit visions about their shit products. Watching people chasing vapourware is enough to anger even the most mild mannered person, and it's problem not those people we're 'angry with', but the developers of said vapourware.
Yes i am also frustrated at the way the Amiga has been thrown around from place to place and has seen very little progression and im not exactly new to all of this, ive been following the Amiga scene since 1990, which although is not as much as some others on here, its still long enough to make me a little jaded about the whole scenario, but its still NO excuse to call people on here Losers or pathetic fanatics, which is normally tied in with other cocky and snide remarks.

This has "nothing" to do with the Amiga and more to do with stepping over line of being "overly" opinionated. And i never said nor did i think anyone said the Amiga would take the world over overnight!? ( correct me if im wrong ) and nor can i recall anyone on here calling anyone inferior for not using it ( maybe you mean the general public ? ), actually if anything, the people who support OS4 on here are the ones that seem to be constantly labeled as inferior. I can handle it happening once in a while, but i see constant critisism of people & not opinions here on a daily basis.

Some may say, well dont come here if you dont like it!. No i do want to come here, but what i dont want is people abusing the privilage of being able to post on what is supposed to be a forum of constructive opinion. What i do want to see is zero tolerance for slander.

Yes i have slandered on here myself, but you get what you give in this world, and the people in question need to be moderated back into line.

Originally Posted by P-J
If you want to make a difference, put your effort into the OSes that really stand a chance. Windows, OS X, Linux, BSD, BeOS, Haiku, SkyOS and suchlike. Watching Hyperion (or whatever) reinventing the wheel is just like watching money pour down a drain.
Well if someone uses OS4, that doesnt mean they dont use anything else. I am going to be installing linux as soon as i get a chance and im currently using XP to type this message. There is nothing wrong with having a little faith/interest in OS4 to go along with it.

Thanks for your "decent" post P-J. I do appreciate it.

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