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Originally Posted by blade002
I wrote something long and detailed for you Fred, but ive come to the conclusion your just draining. If i stuck you next to someone healthy they would be dead in about an hour, so im just going to let this be...
Far be it from me to make this point (since I barely know you) but aren't you just torturing yourself? I thought you'd 'left this board'?

You need to understand that some people, from time to time, need correcting. I get tired about how people on this board evangelise about Amiga OS4.0 and tell us how it's so much better that Windows XP, Mac OSX, Linux, and other 'mainstream' OSes that are in use. How it's going to take over the world in a day and often point us out as being inferior for not using it and loving it. We're also probably a little miffed at the fact that what is left of 'Amiga fans' pour money into projects that take the Amiga nowhere. Shit companies with shit visions about their shit products. Watching people chasing vapourware is enough to anger even the most mild mannered person, and it's problem not those people we're 'angry with', but the developers of said vapourware.

If you want to make a difference, put your effort into the OSes that really stand a chance. Windows, OS X, Linux, BSD, BeOS, Haiku, SkyOS and suchlike. Watching Hyperion (or whatever) reinventing the wheel is just like watching money pour down a drain.

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