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Did I get you wrong?

You gave me the impression that I will get a win32 executable by accessing CVS. But apparently I won't...

So don't you have any Windows machine at all?
If so, I'd understand.

About .configure:

Again, I'm on NATIVE Windows, that is, I'm working without Cygwin!
Nor am I working with MingW. So there is no ".configure"!
I gave you a link above so you get a clue what DJGPP is (resembling classic Borland Turbo C/C++ product line), and I used a project file, adding the required files to the project, just as I would do it in MSVC.

Size isn't important. It's 33 KiB on my amd64 GNU/Linux.
Well, please read carefully.
I do not care about the size of the linux version. It's about the size of the win32 version. Forget about your linux world for one second. Please. At least try it. There is NOT only linux.

People would convert their DMS images from older CDs mainly on Windows, less probably Linux, so it would be about time (!) that this aeons-old version on Aminet gets replaced by a recent one eventually!
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