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sounds nice .. there is only 1 thing about it that is probably winuae related..

you can never get it to sound exactly like an original amiga because probably winuae handles the "spinning sectors from 0-40-80" and back differently or well it sounds different .. too electronic and too sharp imho i didnt noticed that only on my sounds.. but all soundtypes (LOUD ST Build-in etc).. while the driveticks are very good (100% original) ..

im not sure but to make winuae 100% to sound like a real amiga then the soundsystem or something else needs to be changed (the handling of sectorsearch/driveseekspin)..

again i cannot confirm this.. but i think thats why it just doesnt sound like a real amiga for 100%

i also noticed a difference in sound (sectorspin) on the same sample under different khz (44100 and 48000)

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