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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
To waste time in a dark room, coding useless stuff for a defunct OS for the benefit of a few hundred fatsoes who hope to see 9 year old games ported to said OS is your idea of impressive?
The problem is that a small cult of zealots hold the project up. They forget that an OS is nothing without software, and often compare AmigaOS 4.0 to a vanilla Windows/Mac OSX install which is just choosing the easiest set of credentials for their argument. Whenever I argue with people they always ask what Windows XP can do that AmigaOS can't. I might reply with 'run [insert extremely useful software here]' and the response will be 'but that is software, I was talking about Windows'. Sigh...

Watching people jerk off over Quake on their new AmigaOne is a little sad. I'm sure there are technical merits to this feat, but what, ultimately, is the point? For me it has no unique features nor nostalgia factor so it's really just an overpriced OS in it's infancy.

...and the fact that there is no hardware for sale that it'll run on (?) Forgive me if I don't want to buy an OS that'll probably be defunct in less than 18 months.
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