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Yeah Retroman, that's the game

I know it's hard, I didn't manage to finish it with a single credit (I only say I finished an arcade game when I do it with a single credit) , but I didn't play it too much (it runs at 0.5 FPS in my PC).
But the game ISN'T cheap (no CAVE game is) , even when there are zillions of bullets in the screen,you always now there's at least one safe spot in the screen, and there's always a way to get there (even if it requires an absurd amount of dodge skills)

Look at your screenshot, there's an absurd (Actually, not THAT absurd, if you consider some other sections of the game) amount of bullets, and yet I can see many different ways to dodge them.

If anyone here has a fast computer, get Raine and this game (And other Cave games too ), that's a damn good shmup.
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