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AmigaAMP 2.18 released

Thomas Wenzel has published a new version of his Audio-Player AmigaAMP. The distribution is now divided into base package (AmigaAMP.lha) and separate archives for the decoding engines depending on which architecture you're running it on. The base package will run using mpega.library and sndfile.library. The so called decoding engines will add extra features like high quality decompression, graphic equalizer (currently for MP2/MP3 only) and high accuracy analyzers and scopes. Currently the decoding engine is available for the following architectures:
  • m68k-amigaos - Classic AmigaOS 3.x
    Too demanding for an original classic Amiga but a good choice for fast emulators like WinUAE / Amiga Forever
  • ppc-powerup - AmigaOS 3.x with PowerUP or MorphOS
    This is historically the very first implementation. It makes use of direct ppc.library calls from within AmigaAMP, so it's called 'internal'.
  • ppc-warpup - AmigaOS 3.x with WarpUP
    This is technically a separate executable running as a normal AmigaOS taskand acting like a plugin. It's called 'external' just like the m68k and the OS4 versions.
  • ppc-amigaos - AmigaOS 4 final
    It works exactly like the WarpUP and the m68k versions but it's compiled specifically for OS4.
    This is the first release and probably still slightly buggy. However, all betatesters so far could not reproduce bugs which are clearly related to the decoding engine executable. For some it crashed but the reason is yet unknown.
    If you can clearly reproduce a bug/crash then please contact me via email and I'll send you a special debug-version for testing. All I need is your GrimReaper log incl. stack trace then.

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