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Originally Posted by P-J

So it's a coding competition? Forgive me if I just want to use the OS
No, it's about dedication to an idea. I meant it's easy to criticize, even easier if you talk about general features and have never (?) tried it so you don't know if it's appealing to eye and workflow. I haven't tried it, and so I don't criticize it. It's perfectly possible to make an appealing, logical, even fast OS on a PPC 500 or whatever. Just remember what most of us ran on our PCs in the Pentium 3 years...

In general, what the detractors said was, "I know it's gonna be shit and nobody will use it, so why did you waste your time, you have to be idiots to think that anyone will like it." Well, if a group of coders have an idea and decide to spend years coding it, that impresses the hell out of me. They also did it their way, unlike the Linux also-rans.

We all choose what to do with the time that is ours. If they chose to do an OS the way they wanted it, here's to them I say.
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