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Why do I do it?
Maybe you would like these link

Hay Geogre Its easy to progamme an Os? but its hard spending to much time on a Related site slagging it off?.Why I spend to much time here I want the latset news and info help,etc you?

Os 4 is an achment in its self if you cant accept that then you have no argument Personaly I think Linux is Borring and Mac Os is Crap and I never pa.... but I dont log onto Ms site and start Saying Windows is Shit and On to Susse and say you Geeks it Crap -Workbench I prefer thats it If you dont agree Why spend your time here -.....

I think more people are intrested in Amiga Lately because they want an alternative and see the potential

Never Used or Owened and Amiga Errr You Ok

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