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Hey guys, instead of spitting venom at an OS you've apparently never tried, why not try it out on someone's machine, so you know what you're detracting?

Oh, and in case you didn't notice:

For myself, well I'm a fan of the original hardware. It would be nice to make original hardware the best that it can be, but not go beyond that. It's simply wouldn't be an Amiga to me if you replace the hardware and the software.

And the fact that a few coders have done an entire OS for a niche market just shows how hardcore they are and their exceptionally high level of discipline finally getting it finished.

To me, they're a step above some coders doing a Linux clone. Especially since there are a bunch of Linux clones that are utter tripe and will eventually die, while AmigaOS4 keeps its small but loyal fanbase.

About time this thread got closed since its title is moot.
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