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Originally Posted by Boo Boo
Thers already two crap Os available Linux and Mac Os

Blade would you Run Os4 on PPc Classic Amiga or Dragon if Compatible or you rather have new hardware?
The Amiga OS was never crap, but getting back to your question Boo Boo. Yeah i would like it on newer hardware because wether we like it or not, living in a classic Amiga past is what held the Amiga back to begin with. Very few Amiga users back in the day would bother to upgrade their systems because they wanted everything to run on their bog standard setups and got upset when something didnt.

OS4 is never going to run the way we want it to on classic hardware and we will still be complaining about something if it does due to those hardware restrictions. But in saying that, it would be nice to see it run on Classic Amiga's just so we "could" actually see it running to some degree and to make it more available to more users.

I havent really looked into the AmigaONE situation though so i cant comment on that really, but if the hardware is still not available like everyone is saying, then that certainly does create a problem.
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