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Question Do Live365 Demand 56k?

I found some Live365 stations that were 33k and they were alright. There was one that advertises itself as a computer game soundtrack radio station with SNES and Amiga music, I listened to two pieces of music and looked at it's playlist and they were all SNES so I stopped listening.

The point is, they set up their radio station as 33k and I could listen to that one without it skipping (it did a bit but not very often, only about twice in 5 minutes)

I've just tried to give your station another go and I got a second of Lotus 2 before it stopped for about 3 seconds it started again for another second and stopped (not at the end of the song) then I got the Live 365 jingle then it moved onto another piece (GODS) I got a little bit of that, lots of skipping and 2 or 3 second pauses before WinAmp just seemed to give up and decided to stop itself.

I am connected at 48 k/sec.
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