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Well, that's interesting but I tend to believe that the website is simply wrong. I've just done some searching to try to verify this, and the closest I got was finding one place that said that the Lisa allowed you to run several programs at the same time, but they don't clarify whether more than one can actually be getting CPU time at the same time. Most of the info I was able to find on the Lisa didn't even mention multitasking in any form. With the early Macs being essentially derivatives of the Lisa, I'd have expected that they would have retained the ability to do pre-emptive multitasking if the Lisa had that ability, but the early Macs only allowed you to switch manually between tasks via the Finder, and the tasks that weren't currently selected sat idle. I'd be impressed if the Lisa had pre-emptive multitasking, but would be puzzled why that didn't make it into the Mac right off the bat. Of course, calling the Lisa a home computer at all is a bit of a stretch since the machines originally sold for about $10,000 each, but that's a different issue.
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