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Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW
Consoles are a completely different market. Also these companies can afford it.

@Boo Boo

Keeping lower temps??? Hohoho are you serious? Xbox 360 is having cooling and overheating problems, and i know it first hand from a friend and my brother works on a videogame store and tell me that people are giving it back to the shop for change or refund for a new one. Also ps3 had some serious overheating problems during his presentation. Only the nintendo wii is the one that is well designed and/or cooled, because ther hasn't any problems with it.
PPC at higer speeds is way too much hotter than x86.
First, overheating is also a matter of cooling. If you cram a midend-PC into a box of XBox360 or PS3 dimension they`d overheat in a matter of minutes. Additionally the presentation were done using PS3s in enclosed space (to keep those nasty hands away), where should the heat go?

If you look at the market you see that x86 is just used where... well.. you need x86 compatibility. Settop boxes, arcade machines, consoles, etc, all use ARM, MIPS or PPC Processors (very few exceptions exist), exactly because they are more efficient and running cooler than x86.
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