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I'm digging out this thread because I'd like to clarify some things :P

Originally Posted by keropi
maybe because the java virtual machine used in mobiles lacks the abillity to control the sound hardware, and uses just some predefined commands to play midi/wav-amr files...
Originally Posted by keropi
also think of that: how would you be able to choose mod files? they should be inside the JAR , meaning u would have to make manually a jar for each mod or a couple of them...
I've tested a j2me mp3 player called LyricShow - it's not that great as I could imagine, but it a) really works and b) it reads "external" mp3 files from memory card. I'm using SE K750i, which is basically the same phone as W8xx, K7xx, K6xx etc. LyricShow also works on many other MIDP2.0 phones.

And I've found this: - but it's just a module playback library, not a midlet.

...So I won't believe that modern, j2me-only phones cannot play MOD files because of some hardware or software limitations. They can't play MOD files just because no-one attempted to write a working player
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